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Do you have a Desire Diary?

Posted 13/6/2014

By Rebecca O'Dwyer

If not, I suggest you get on to it, because it is great fun and is likely to change your life.  For the last twenty years, I have wanted to own this car – an MG – but my circumstances were such that I didn’t think it would ever be possible.  It is now parked on my drive and is just an example of the way my life has changed over the last few years.  How did this happen?



There is a little known Universal Law that affects our lives on Earth as much as the law of gravity, but we’re not taught about this one in school.  It is the Law of Attraction.  In simple terms, what we focus on is what we receive.  What does this mean for us?  By having an awareness of the Law of Attraction and following these three simple principles we can create our lives as we want them to be . . .


1.    Know what you want – we spend a lot of time noticing all the things in the world around us that we don’t want: difficulty paying the bills; cheap shoes that fall apart; poor service and quality of food in restaurants; a body that is overweight and makes us feel unattractive; a house that is too small for our family; a car that needs replacing; a job that doesn’t satisfy us; and difficulties in our relationships with our partner, boss, parents or children.  Now change your focus to the things you DO want!  A great way of doing this is to create a Mood Board – take a large piece of paper and cover it with images of how your dream life would look.  I first did this in 2010 when I was running a hectic organic farming business and the life I envisaged was so far from my experience at that time it was difficult to imagine it becoming a reality.  But you don’t need to know HOW this will happen, that’s the gift of it, you just need to know what you want.  So think big when you’re doing this, and have fun, really go for it.  Now, I like to keep a Desire Diary on my laptop – it’s just a word document that I drop photo’s into, so I can add things easily and it doesn’t cost me any paper or ink so it’s friendly to the environment and my pocket.  Get specific with this – I had a green sports car on my original mood board, but when I put two photo’s of an MG TF in my Desire Diary in the colour I wanted, with the seats I wanted, the car arrived one week later.         


2.  Feel as if you have it already – The Law of Attraction works on an energetic level, so your energy needs to be in alignment with the life you dream of.  If you say you want to be wealthy but you are constantly thinking about a lack of money and feel poor, your energy will be attracting more of that to you.  You don’t need to be thinking about the things you are trying to manifest all the time, but you need to keep focused on the positive, and the easiest way to do this is to adopt an Attitude of Gratitude.  Look for the things that are working for you in your life right now and feel gratitude.  Your emotions are a great gauge on how you’re doing with your manifesting – if you feel good, you are closer to receiving all the things you have asked The Universe for.  I find a Gratitude Journal a very powerful way of keeping my energy positive – every night before I go to sleep I write five things I’m grateful for in my life in a beautiful book.  Some days it can be harder than others.  There have been some challenging times when the best I could do was ‘Being Alive’ or ‘The Sun Came Up’!  You will find this simple practice lifts your mood immensely and makes it so much easier to be happy with your life, even though it isn’t yet how you would like it to be.  I was excited to own an MG but I also enjoyed driving my old car, and appreciated how abundant I was to have a car at all.        


3.  Allow yourself to receive it – We can make the mistake of trying REALLY HARD to make things happen, but when you are taking too much action in a desperate energy, you are in struggle, and are actually moving further away from the life you have asked for.  Belief is the key – when you truly BELIEVE that what you have asked for is coming to you, the Universe gets the message that you are really ready to receive and it arrives even faster.  Don’t get disheartened when it doesn’t arrive quickly.  If you do this, you will be focused on the LACK of that thing, and this is what you will get more of.  Trust that The Universe has heard you, and the life of your dreams is on its’ way to you.  My Husband, John, announced out of the blue one day that he thought it was about time I had that MG I had always wanted.  He looked online for about a month at lots of cars but none of them were exactly what I wanted – he loves looking at car sale websites so he was happy!  I kept saying ‘I would like one in British Racing Green with camel leather seats, with a hard top and a soft top.’  I didn’t get frustrated that he couldn’t find one, I knew my car would come along soon, and I enjoyed the suspense.  Last week, he announced ‘I’ve found it!’.  We rang the owner, bought it unseen, it was even more beautiful in the flesh than it looked in the photo’s, and we had an awesome road-trip bringing it home just in time for the Summer sun.  When you allow The Universe to do it’s work, it is easy.        


I could give you many more examples of the gifts I have received from The Universe since I discovered how The Law of Attraction works.  I regularly manifest amazing dresses that suit and fit me perfectly in charity shops, I manifested a farm, and I even manifested John – the perfect partner for me – before I knew what I was doing with this little known law.  I must be a natural.  But don’t take my word for it – have a ball creating the life you have always dreamed of!    


I would love to hear how you get on – you can leave me progress reports in the comments underneath . . .




Rebecca O'Dwyer, Centred Woman


Mind Body Spirit Coach, Artist, Sound Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Constellations Facilitator and Animal Communicator - Rebecca empowers others to live their truth with love.

She inspires women to re-connect to their feminine power through dance and song, and supports them to grow, guiding them deep inside to discover their purpose and gifts.  She is a catalyst for transformation, leading others intuitively through processes of profound change and into a more satisfying way of living.