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What is Success, really?

Posted 30/3/2015

by Rebecca O'Dwyer


I was talking to a gentleman at a party on the weekend who has just retired from a 35 year stint in a government agency.  He worked his way up the ranks and, when I asked him if he enjoyed his job, he replied ‘I did to begin with but, by the time I left, it had become stressful, and totally unsatisfying.’  When probed, he explained that he had become bored with the repetitive nature of the role and that new projects just didn’t hold any interest for him as they once used to.  My Father was party to the conversation, a retired farmer who left school at 15 to join the family business and officially retires this week – aged 72. 


I shared with our new friend, light-heartedly, that I enjoyed variety in my working life and had already had a number of different careers, and I was still in my fourth decade!  My Father was so irritated, he literally couldn’t stand there and listen to me sharing an overview of my chequered work history to date, and walked away from the discussion – but not before showing me his anger and judgement.

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Why Marry in the 21st Century?

Posted 25/3/2015

by Rebecca O'DwyerWedding bands by www.rainnea.comWedding bands by


Some say that marriage is being bound by vows.  There is an old cowboy saying that goes “A wedding ring cuts off the wearer’s circulation”.  But, what is marriage really?

I remember someone close to me saying one day “I don’t want anyone to be with me because of a piece of paper.  I want them to be with me because they love me.”


A marriage is not about the piece of paper, the legal agreement that binds two people together in the eyes of the law of this land.  I have never felt that my husband was with me because he had signed a piece of paper that said he couldn’t leave.  He is a very strong, spirited man and it would take a lot more than a scrap of papyrus to keep him in a situation he didn’t want to be in!  I also know that he wouldn’t think twice about breaking the law to re-gain his personal freedom.

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Do you have a Desire Diary?

Posted 13/6/2014

By Rebecca O'Dwyer

If not, I suggest you get on to it, because it is great fun and is likely to change your life.  For the last twenty years, I have wanted to own this car – an MG – but my circumstances were such that I didn’t think it would ever be possible.  It is now parked on my drive and is just an example of the way my life has changed over the last few years.  How did this happen?



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A vibrant life . . .

Posted 17/8/2013


by Rebecca O'Dwyer

My husband and I celebrate 10 years of our marriage at the beginning of September and have just booked a trip to Cyprus for some quality time in the sun together.  Looking at the stunning images of the sea, the sun, white-washed walls and vibrant pink flowers, I am feeling very excited to be there feeling that sun, dipping my toes in the sea and smelling those alluring blossoms.  My artistic eye has also been awakened, thrilled by the blue hues, shocked by the pink and purple tones of the native flora, drawn by that special island light, and fascinated by the shadows that loom in the alleyways of old Cypriot villages.  Are they paynes grey, or is that a lilac shade I see there?  I feel the familiar excitement in my belly that starts to rise and I'm beaming as an image becomes clear in my mindseye, it's a watercolour, and I just can't wait to get my paints out!  


 Cypriot fishing village

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Everyone's a winner . . .

Posted 8/2/2013
by Rebecca O'Dwyer

As a keen Equestrian, I enjoy nothing better than a day out at a show watching the hunter classes, wondering at the beauty of our equine friends and celebrating the best in ring.  My artistic eye gets such delight from the peachy bottoms and the particular curve that you only really see on the neck of a quality Welsh Cob stallion.  Watching the arabs trotting up gives me more pleasure than any catwalk show ever could.  


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