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Words from some of the fabulous women around the world that Rebecca loves to serve









‘Wow!!!! Rebecca O'Dwyer is bloody amazing! She may be the best thing that happens to me this year! So much love!!’                 ~ Rhiannon Kemp-Davies, That’s The Spot. 


'A lovely meeting. I truly enjoyed it. A safe place for women to share perspectives and personal challenges, and to benefit from each others' support. Expertly facilitated by Becca who honoured everyone's contributions without judgement while gently keeping us on track with an easy agenda. It was fun too and great to make new connections with like-minded women, yet we are a diverse bunch!' ~ Janet Brown, Washington, USA


 ‘Hi!  I just wanted you to know that I find you totally inspirational.  When I saw your new photo I thought "wow Rebecca oozes love and all things beautiful" you really do.  Great to know you x’ ~ Anon, Newport


 'The Centred Women's Circle is a supportive, encouraging, empowering space bringing together inspiring and courageous women to share and increase our energy and vibration through dance, song and conversation. A wonderfully affirmative circle that you will leave invigorated and ready for anything!' ~ Alison Graham, Cardiff


 'Rebecca, you are so inspirational - if others can be touched and inspired a smidgen as much as you inspire me, then there will be a lot of extremely happy women in the world' A.M. Rees, Sydney, Australia


 'I feel so glad that I have such a great relationship with my parents nowadays. I feel such love and gratitude for them both! Becca - you really helped with that, leading that constellation, my relationship with Dad is totally different since then!!'               ~ Daf Schofield Damsels In Success Cowbridge


 'You are a very strong and beautiful soul, articulate, powerful, inspiring. Compassionate and passionate. Gentle and wise and funny. You operate from and through the heart and your eyes tell the story of a sage. You are a wild woman dancer who emanates her ancient and beautiful energy like the brightest shining star. You are a messenger, teacher of love and guide of light, a Goddess, an Angel. You are fabulous darling so fabulous that words cannot express.’ ~ Hannah Imogen Jones


 'Thank you so much for the wonderful session earlier this evening. I am still buzzing from it.' ~ Anon, Wales UK


 'Amazing workshop today - totally life changing. No going back just positive beautiful steps forward as we allow for the universe to provide us with the best it possibly can for us in the energy of deservedness supported by incredible and humble teachers xxxx'    ~Joanna Soley, UK,